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Wrist Pain

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Chiropractic care is for more than just back pain.


Wrist pain from chronic overuse (such as typing at a computer all day) or from an injury responds very well to chiropractic care.  


The wrist is a complicated area of the body - there are 8 bones specific to the wrist (not including the bones of the hand) and all of the muscle tendons that control the fingers must travel through this tiny area.  Add to that the blood vessels and nerves and we now have a compact area packed tight with important and sensitive tissue.


Oftentimes, overuse or an injury causes the tendons to become irritated and swollen.  Since this is such a compact area, the nerves in the wrist get squeezed

and become inflamed.  This causes intense pain, numbness, and tingling.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a common condition that is caused by this very situation - the median nerve gets compressed by the swollen tendons in the wrist.  Wrist pain is also commonly caused by a sprained or injured tendon or by one of the tiny wrist bones getting jarred or knocked out of place.  At Tiferet Chiropractic, our thorough examination determines the exact cause of your specific wrist pain so that treatment will be effective and efficient.


Our unique brand of chiropractic rehabilitation combines the best of chiropractic and physical therapy and focuses on more than just the wrist.  Deep tissue massage will release trigger points, adhesions and tight muscles in the forearm that are causing the tendons of the wrist to be swollen.  Chiropractic care to the wrist bones will gently nudge them back to their proper place.  By reducing the swelling in the tendons and restoring proper alignment to the wrist bones, pressure is removed from the nerves and they are able to fully heal - eliminating your pain quickly and keeping it away.  Finally, we will teach you home exercises to keep your wrist healthy once you are finished with your treatment plan. Our type of care has even helped our patients avoid surgery.