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Exercise Posture Nutrition

Fitness Plan

Nutrition Plan (Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle)

The foundation for total physical health begins with chiropractic care, regular exercise and proper nutrition. Committing to ongoing wellness care is the best way to be proactive with your health. It puts you on the path towards sustained health for your lifetime. Each of our Total Health Plans consists of chiropractic care, exercise and nutrition - with a special focus on the specific area you want to take to the next level. You set the goal and we help you get there.

Our Fitness Plan identifies your weak spots (such as strength, mobility, endurance) and then builds an exercise routine to help you achieve the goal you set. There will be a physical assessment (such as a Functional Movement Screen) on your first visit and then a discussion to set a goal for the 6-session plan. Ultimately, the plan is focused on improving your strength, mobility and core stability. Each session also includes a chiropractic treatment and basic nutrition tips.

The purpose of our Pain Management Plan is to help patients with chronic pain issues maintain low levels of pain naturally using chiropractic, simple exercises and nutrition. Chiropractic care at each visit helps maintain proper alignment and mobility of your spine. Exercises will be taught and reinforced at each of the 6 sessions to help reduce pain and improve overall mobility. Finally, nutritional guidance will offer suggestions to eliminate foods that increase pain and introduce supplements that reduce pain and inflammation.

Our Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle plan is focused on your overall well-being. Inflammation causes increased pain, loss of energy, frequent illness, stiffness, weight gain and chronic disease. Does any of this sound like you? The goal is to assess your current diet and then learn improved eating habits to support an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. This plan also includes chiropractic care and home exercises to reduce the inflammation in your body.

Pain Management Plan