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Walking Posture

Walk tall and straight.  Imagine your spine lengthening and you growing taller with each step.  Avoid arching your back or leaning forwards or backwards.


Keep your eyes looking forwards - focused about 20 feet ahead of you.  This will naturally place your head in the correct position and place your chin parallel to the ground.


Keep your shoulders loose and relaxed.  Allow your arms to swing naturally to help propel you forward.  When your arms swing, it creates a sling throughout your body (like a stretched rubber band) that stores and releases energy - and creates a very efficient walking pattern.


Your stomach should be kept firm and tight, but not "sucked in".  Breath deep through your abdomen - using your diaphragm to expand your entire rib cage like a barrel widening.  Using your diaphragm to breath properly creates improved stability for your low back and core.


Finally, be aware of your feet.  Your feet should strike the ground gently on the outside edge of the heel and then roll over to the ball of your foot under your big toe.

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