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Proper posture while walking or running not only reduces the risk of injury and excess wear and tear on your joints, but it also makes your efforts more efficient and comfortable - instead of wasting energy trying to maintain an awkward posture, that energy will be available for you to go faster and farther.  


Follow the links below for information on the best running and walking postures.

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General Training Tips

Wear cross-training or running shoes that are flexible, stable, and well cushioned.  The correct shoe for your foot type will help your foot to absorb the impact of hitting the ground (and protect your lower back from that shock as well).  The correct shoe will distribute your weight evenly and allow your foot to move heel to toe in a natural, rolling movement.  At Tiferet Chiropractic, we thoroughly examine your feet and recommend the best shoe for your foot type.


Drink water before and after your walk or run.  Staying well hydrated helps your muscles to stay warmed up and relaxed and allows your joints to move more fluidly.


If you walk in a road or pathway that is slanted downwards on one side, be sure to switch sides several times throughout your walk or run in order to even out the stress that this places on your body.


Take a yoga class once per week to improve flexibility and reduce muscle tightness.  Stiff, short muscles lead to poor posture and an unequal distribution of weight and stress - which can lead to injury and degeneration over time.


Train gradually.  Increase your mileage by about 10% per week.


Get a professional gait analysis periodically to check out your form.  This will improve your performance and efficiency as well as pinpoint any weak spots that could lead to injury or degeneration sometime down the road.

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