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Have we mentioned that good posture is good for your health?  I know from my own personal experience that it can be difficult to establish new and better habits - especially when any benefit that might be seen is far off in the future.  However, when there is an immediate benefit, it's much easier to make a new habit - it becomes a want to insead of a have to.  


Great posture brings many immediate benefits.

Physical Fitness

Great posture allows your ribcage to fully open and your lungs to draw more vital oxygen into your body


More oxygen increases your energy and improves your ability to concentrate and think clearly


Poor posture causes muscles to tighten and puts stress on your neck, shoulders, and lower back

Your Appearance

Excellent posture makes you appear confident and graceful


Bad posture makes people look older than they really area - standing tall gives you a youthful and vibrant appearance


Perfect posture makes you appear fit and trim, while poor posture flattens the buttocks and accentuates the stomach

Emotional Health

Good posture makes you feel better about yourself and improves your mood


A relaxed, open posture sends signals to your brain that make you feel happy and more confident


Your posture sends visual cues to other people about who you are and how well you take care of yourself - excellent posture shows that you are strong, assertive and worthy of respect

Hallmarks of Great Standing Posture

Tall spine, relaxed muscles (imagine yourself growing taller)


Body weight distributed evenly over both feet


Knees unlocked (very slightly bent)


Navel tucked gently in towards your spine


Sternum raised, chest open


Shoulders relaxed


Head and neck aligned directly over your shoulders


Chin slightly tucked in towards your neck


Eyes focused straight ahead of you


Smile - how great does that feel?

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