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Optimum Performance

Whether you are a runner, play golf or tennis, or just lead an active lifestyle, optimum performance requires a perfect balance between the strength, alignment and stability within your body.  When these three factors are perfectly balanced, your body is able to function at its peak ability.  Peak ability is not simply a factor of strength.  Strength, in conjunction with ideal alignment and stability sets the framework for optimum biomechanics and movement patterns.


Your foot also plays an important role in optimum athletic performance.  A problem in the foot can prevent peak performance and set the stage for injury.  Read more on The Foot page.


Imbalances among strength, alignment, and stability increase the likelihood of injury and accelerate the degeneration process. They also cause reduced efficiency of your movements - making performance in your favorite sport less than ideal.


Muscle weakness, joint stiffness, and instability are typically present for many years - even decades - without us knowing it.  Our bodies compensate for our weaknesses so that we can continue to live our lives and do the things we love to do.


Stronger muscles take over for weaker muscles.  However, these "replacement" muscles have a slightly different line of pull than the original muscles - and this creates excess stress (degeneration) and reduced efficiency in our sport and exercise.


Joints that are able to move are forced to move above and beyond their normal range of motion in order to make up for the joints that are stiff.  This excess movement sets the stage for degeneration.


At Tiferet Chiropractic, we evaluate your biomechanical imbalances and movement pattern dysfunctions with our special series of tests. Our mission is to correct your imbalances in order to improve your running efficiency and performance in your favorite sport.

A Stronger, Healthier You

During our thorough evaluation, we identify your structural imbalances, muscle weaknesses, joint fixations and faulty movement patterns.


We correct the source of the problem.


We teach you the tools you'll need to take care of yourself after you leave our clinic - so that you can live your life without limitations and be free.


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