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Neck Pain

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Neck pain is a major source of discomfort for many people.  The muscles of the neck, shoulder, upper back, and arm are intimately connected to each other.  Therefore, when something goes wrong in one of those areas, the neck usually pays the price.  For example, long hours of desk or computer work leads to tightness and spasm of the pectoral muscles.  When these muscles become short they pull the shoulder forward and then the muscles that connect to the top of the  

shoulder pull hard on the small joints of the neck.  It's a chain reaction that leads to achy joints, tired neck muscles, and irritated spinal nerves. The pain may be in the neck, but the problem - and the solution - is not.  


At Tiferet Chiropractic, we thoroughly examine your neck, upper back and shoulder to determine the true source of your neck pain.  By treating the cause of the problem, relief from pain comes quickly and lasts longer.