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Chiropractic care is for more than just back pain.


Headaches happen for a variety of reasons – but the most common cause is tension in the muscles in the back of the head and in the neck.  Muscle tension is usually due to stress and poor posture and tends to build gradually.  As tension builds, the muscles clamp down on the nerves and joints in your neck.  Over time, the joints become “stuck” or restricted and the nerves become inflamed.  These three factors together – tight muscles, restricted joints, and inflamed nerves trigger the headache.  Simply addressing one of these issues will not fix the problem.


At Tiferet Chiropractic, our unique blend of deep tissue massage therapy, gentle chiropractic care, and home exercises is perfectly suited to treat headaches.  Our therapy relaxes the tight muscles, releases the stiff spinal joints and calms down the irritated nerves. Your headaches will be a distant memory in no time.