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Scott T. Sheriff, DC

By Scott T Sheriff, DC, Dec 18 2018 07:00AM

As a chiropractor, I appreciate the benefits of regular chiropractic care and I get adjusted regularly. As an athlete, I've always felt that my body performs better after I've been adjusted - strength, mobility and endurance seem to come with less effort. I thought that maybe I was just biased... but it turns out that there really is a connection between chiropractic care and improved athletic performance.

By Scott T Sheriff, DC, Dec 16 2018 10:59PM

Being healthy is more than just taking your vitamins, exercising, and eating healthy most of the time. It’s more than simply taking calcium for your bones, fish oil for your heart, or eating protein-enriched Cheerios (yuck!). It isn't taking a drug to control your blood pressure or cholesterol level. Being healthy is a way of life - your health is the accumulation of all of your daily habits.

By Scott T Sheriff, DC, Nov 27 2018 07:00AM

Hip pain is the most common condition patients seek chiropracic care for after back pain. Common hip problems include bursitis, arthritis, and sprain/strain injury - especially of the gluteus medius muscle. Our unique brand of chiropractic care excels at treating and eliminating hip pain because we take a whole body approach to treatment.

By Scott T Sheriff, DC, Nov 20 2018 07:00AM

Last week I posted an article on my FaceBook page that talked about a recent study on fish oil and I mentioned that the amounts used in the study were less than a normal therapeutic dose. Fish oil is very effective when taken properly. So, I thought that this would be a good time to review what to look for when you buy fish oil.

By Scott T Sheriff, DC, Nov 11 2018 03:45PM

With winter fast approaching, outdoor exercise is becoming less fun and a bit more challenging. That means it'sa great time to switch up your main form of exercise and try something different - something with different movements, something that uses different muscle groups. This is called cross-training and it has many wonderful benefits - including improved performance in your main sport or exercise.