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By Scott T Sheriff, DC, Aug 20 2019 12:00PM

Yes! Hip pain is the most common condition patients seek chiropracic care for after back pain. Common hip problems include bursitis, arthritis, and sprain/strain injury - especially of the gluteus medius muscle. Our unique brand of chiropractic care excels at treating and eliminating hip pain because we take a whole body approach to treatment.

By Scott T Sheriff, DC, Aug 13 2019 06:00AM

A chiropractic adjustment is the most powerful tool for maintaining a healthy spine. It keeps your vertebrae and spinal joints working together in perfect harmony. This is so beneficial for your overall health and wellness that regular chiropractic care is as important for your spine as regular dental care is for your teeth. Keep reading to find out exactly what a chiropractic adjustment does for your spine.

By Scott T Sheriff, DC, Jul 30 2019 06:00AM

What do you do when you have an injury? If you're like most people, you rest it for a few days, find some stretches on the internet, and take some over the counter pain meds. Sometimes that works out and the pain goes away - unfortunately, that area now has a far greater risk of getting re-injured in the future.

By Scott T Sheriff, DC, Jul 23 2019 06:00AM

Neck pain affects more than 10 million people each year and is one of the most common reasons that people go to see their medical doctor - but is that really the most effective solution? A recent study on patients with neck pain compared chiropractic care to the typical intervention from a medical doctor (prescription drugs) and the results were quite interesting.