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Scott T. Sheriff, DC

By Scott T Sheriff, DC, Feb 19 2019 07:00AM

Back pain is complicated and can be caused by many different underlying issues - often occurring at the same time. Sciatica, bulging discs and SI joint dysfunction all cause back pain. Taking a pain medication (Tylenol, Advil or a prescribed narcotic) might take away the pain, but it doesn't solve the underlying problem - which will continue to fester in the background and ultimately return much worse.

By Scott T Sheriff, DC, Feb 12 2019 07:00AM

Most people don't even think about eating prior to working out - especially if they are exercising to lose weight - it feels counterintuitive to eat when the ultimate goal is to burn calories. However, proper nutrition prior to exercise ensures that your body doesn't break down muscle for fuel. It also lowers your risk of injury, improves performance and reduces recovery time afterwards.

By Scott T Sheriff, DC, Jan 28 2019 07:00AM

I was procrastinating writing this one as not to jinx us... but now it seems unavoidable. So let's talk about snow shoveling safety! Injuries are common because of the awkward, slightly bent forward posture and the heavy loads on the shovel. This can result in a sudden and painful muscle strain, pinched spinal nerve, or herniated disc. I'd love to be able to help prevent these injuries so keep reading for a few safety tips.

By Scott T Sheriff, DC, Jan 8 2019 07:00AM

How much does your head weigh? The average head weighs about 12 pounds. However, due to physics and whatnot, poor posture can increase that weight to 36 pounds! This massive increase directly relates to neck pain, headaches, and osteoarthritis in your neck.