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Excellent Sitting Posture

Chair Height

Adjust the chair height so that your work surface/keyboard is just below your elbows when your shoulders are relaxed and your elbows are bent to 90 degrees.  


Your feet should comfortably rest flat on the floor with your knees level or slightly above your hips. If your feet do not quite reach the floor, use a small stool to place them upon.


Position the armrests so that they slightly lift your arms and shoulders.

Back Support

Sit all the way back in your chair so that the back-rest comfortably supports your back. The best chairs have an S-shaped curve that supports the natural curves of your upper and lower back.


Sit close enough to your desk so that your upper arms are perpendicular to the floor. This will reduce neck and shoulder strain.

Computer Monitor

Position the top of the monitor at eye level. This is the optimal placement to reduce stress on your neck.


When reading or typing, use a document stand to hold the materials even with your computer screen. This prevents neck and shoulder strain caused by having to constantly look down and then back up.

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Simple adjustments to your chair, desk, and computer can make your work experience a lot more comfortable - and reduce the risk of developing pain or injury.

Passion. Commitment. Belief.

Your body weight is centered over your pelvis (head, shoulders, and upper body are aligned over your sitting bones). When your weight is centered around your pelvis and spine, your muscles are able to support you efficiently - without becoming tight and sore.


Your weight is distributed evenly from side-to-side. This prevents strain on your shoulder and lower back and reduces the risk of damage to the discs in your spine.


Your sternum (breast bone) is raised high and your shoulders are relaxed.


Your head and neck are naturally aligned over your shoulders.  This will reduce stress on your neck and reduce that feeling of tightness in the shoulders.

Take Frequent Breaks

Remember, your body was born to run, not sit! Sitting for long periods - even with perfect posture in the perfect chair - is detrimental to the health of your body. Get up every 15 minutes to walk around, stretch, and smell the roses.

General Alignment

There are four easy-to-remember hallmarks of excellent posture.














This posture may not feel comfortable at first.  Postural exercises will help strengthen the muscles of your back and core - and make it easier to achieve better posture.

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