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Shoe Recommendations

Choosing the best shoe for yourself can be a daunting task.  Selecting an athletic shoe based on style and color is not the way to go.  Athletic shoes are made for a wide variety of different foot types.  Wearing the wrong shoe for your foot type can cause reduced performance, pain, and an increased risk of injury.


At Tiferet Chiropractic, we provide a unique service.  We thoroughly evaluate your foot, which includes take a walking print to show us your foot in motion.  Then we recommend the best shoe for you, giving you several different brand options to consider.

Foot Types

Running Shoes

The three most common, basic foot types are the normal foot, the rigid high-arched foot, and the flat foot.  Our unique foot evaluation and walking print allows us to identify subtle nuances to further customize your treatment plan and shoe recommendation.


The normal foot provides an equal distribution of forces and the optimum absorption of shock.  Feet with a rigid, high-arch are poor shock absorbers and this puts excessive stress on the knees, hips and low back.  Flat feet are likely to cause compensation and pain in the ankles, knees and hips.

Running shoes come in three main types: cushion, stability, and motion control.  The best one for you depends on your foot type and the results of your foot evaluation.  Furthermore, each brand of shoe is slightly different and one may be better suited to your needs than another.  We will help you sort through all the choices to choose the best shoe for your needs.



Most sandals, especially flip-flops, do not provide adequate support for the foot.  Without proper support, there is abnormal stress put on the ankles, knees, hips, and low back.  Over time this increases the risk of injury and degeneration.


In a perfect world, our feet wouldn't need so much support.  But we walk on cement and hard floors.  We wear shoes with built-in arch support.  We sit for most of the day.  All of these factors weaken our feet.


At Tiferet Chiropractic, our goal is always to strengthen your feet in order to provide a solid foundation for the rest of your body.  In the meantime, wearing supportive sandals can improve the health of your back, hips, knees, and ankles.

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