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Treating the true cause of the pain prevents future injury.

Once pain and inflammation subside, it's time to begin strengthening your body.  Addressing the true cause of your problem removes the original stress that caused the pain in the first place.


Our thorough examination identifies your muscle imbalances - your tight muscles and your weak muscles - and your stiff joints and unstable joints.  All of these factors contribute to your pain and continued increased risk of injury and degeneration.  


The exact plan we follow depends on you - it's specifically tailored to your unique needs and goals.  And remember, think big!  This life is yours to create and we want you to live it without limitations.

Preventing Future Injury

Release stiff joints


Strengthen weak muscles


Improve movement patterns


Postural training

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Building A Stronger Body

The Complete Plan

The first step is to stretch and lengthen short muscles.  This process begins at our office using deep tissue massage to improve blood flow and muscle pliability.  The work continues at home with gentle stretches to create meaningful changes.  Restoring your muscles to their original lengths allows your body to sense and appreciate what normal range of motion feels like.  It also makes it easier for you to maintain normal, healthy posture.


Next, it's time to wake up sleeping muscles.  Oftentimes, a muscles is thought of as weak when the real problem is that your brain has forgotten how to use that muscle properly.  In effect, that muscle is sleeping.  This typically happens after an injury or is due to repetitive movements using poor form and imbalances elsewhere in the body.  We wake muscles back up using a special form of massage therapy.  This is a very important step - if the muscles are not awake, the physical therapy and strengthening exercises will not be effective.


Finally, we will teach you simple physical therapy exercises that you can practice at home.  These exercises put it all together to round out the treatment, strengthen and stabilize your whole body and help prevent future injury.

Call us today to begin your journey from pain to a stronger, healthier you.  

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